The Wedding Experience

See what it's like to host or celebrate

a wedding event at Forest House Lodge.

Bond with the people you love most with this intimate destination wedding experience.  Whether you’re planning a civil or a traditional wedding – we provide a first-class experience with all our clients. We only work with the best and most reputable wedding vendors who offer only the finest in wedding products and services.

Our amenities at Forest House Lodge are undoubtedly the best in the Northern California region. We accommodate your guests with cozy rooms befitting your once-in-a-lifetime special day. We provide the bride and the bridal party with a stunning Bridal Salon to experience pampering at its best as the wedding day starts. Experience Nature’s magnificent views at Grand Sierra Pointe. Indulge your family and friends with a sumptuous, beautiful reception – with love, laughter, joy and family. And finally, enjoy the after party with drinks and dancing at the bar area!

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The Grand
Sierra Point

The Bridal

The Bar



After Party