The Bridal Salon In 3D

See the Forest House Lodge in 3D

All eyes will be on you as the blushing bride!

Don’t you deserve to feel pampered and special on the day of your wedding? But with so much going on, taking time out of your schedule to visit possible venues is both a hassle and an expense, photos aren’t enough and you really want to see what you’re getting, right? What does the Bridal Salon look like? Does the décor fit in with your personal style and theme for the wedding? Will your “getting ready for the Big Day” pictures be Instagram-worthy? How many people in your bridal entourage can be accommodated? And what amenities are included in the Bridal package?

The elegant décor of our Bridal Salon, full-length mirrors, ceiling-to-floor cascading drapes and soft, plush furnishings will make you and your bridal party feel exactly like one of our past clients described it - like royalty getting ready for a fancy ball. But don’t take our word for it! The 3D Virtual Tour of the Bridal Salon on this page answers these questions and more! Let us give you a taste of what to expect from our Bridal Salon at Forest House Lodge – Northern California’s stunning wedding venue that has been the backdrop for countless weddings.

Come and experience us first-hand! This is definitely the best way to determine if we’re ‘the One’! Forest House Lodge provides state-of-the-art 3D Tours for your convenience – you can opt to use your mobile device or laptop. Whether you are planning a wedding for yourself or surveying venues for a friend or loved one in preparation for an actual physical tour, we make it quick and easy for YOU to do the exploring online by simply clicking the arrows on this page.

Ladies, the Bridal Salon awaits…all you have to do is press Play